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Our Visitation Policy Is As Follows...

  We would love to make an appointment for you to come out & meet our family, along with our dogs that live here with us at Cross Creek. If we have small puppies here at the time, only our deposited wait list will be allowed to schedule a visit. The health of our dogs & puppies is extremely important to us, so we try to take every precaution possible to protect them. Families searching for a new puppy tend to visit pet shops, shelters and other breeders, risking the spread of germs and other serious life threatening diseases. Unfortunately young puppies do not have fully developed immune systems which makes them susceptible to any of these situations. Therefore caution needs to be in place for outside visitors. For that reason we can not allow just anyone for visitation while we have puppies here. We have enforced this strict policy due to the obligation & responsibility to our deposited customers to keep their puppy out of harms way & to insure the best optimal health for our puppies. Thank you for understanding our policy & thank you for the help to keep our puppies safe!

A Healthy Puppy Is A Happy Puppy!

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