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About Doodles...

Don't forget to tell them how cuddly we are too!

  Doodles are super smart, witty dogs that are always excited to learn and seem to have a keen desire to please. They have outstanding, loving personalities and thrive on social interaction. They are an exceptional dog with wonderful, gentle dispositions & temperaments. With their loyal, devoted characteristics, they exhibit a need to be close to their families. They are extremely people-oriented dogs & love to be the center of attention. We Just Love Doodles...They are definitely the most human-like dogs you will ever encounter!

 Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs, making their offspring much more trainable than other breeds & great candidates for medical alert, therapy & service dogs! We have multiple past puppies that have gone on to live their lives as a very special part of a person in needs life...from PTSD warrior support dogs, to diabetic alert dogs...these dogs are a true inspiration to the world!  

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