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Cross Creek 24 MONTH Puppy Health Guarantee

puppy's d.o.b. ___________
gender _________________
color __________________
breed ___________________________
dam & sire _____________________
Vet check date __________________
purchase price __________________
Microchip #______________________
Buyer name ____________________________________
phone _________________________________________
email __________________________________________
address ________________________________________
Seller name ____________________________________
phone __________________________________________
email ___________________________________________
address ________________________________________

 This Agreement is made between Cross Creek Doodles aka (Seller) __________________________ & _________________________________ aka (Buyer) dated this ______ day of ______________________ 20___.


 The described puppy is UPTD on all age appropriate vaccines & has been examined & cleared by a licensed Veterinarian. It is to the understanding of the Seller & to the best of the Veterinarian's knowledge, that the described puppy is in good sound health & free of any disease or illness at the time of sale. 


 Buyer has 3 business days from the date of pickup to have described puppy physically examined by a licensed Veterinarian, at Buyer's expense. Failure to have said puppy examined within the 3 days voids Health Guarantee. If said puppy has a pre-existing serious condition, backed by Veterinarian analysis, Seller will reimburse Buyer for the Purchase Price of said puppy during this timeframe, if said puppy is returned to Seller...OR one of the 2 options outlined in the 24 month Health Guarantee below will be given, this is Buyer's choice.

  Cross Creek guarantees the health of described puppy for the first 24 months of life against the things our parent dogs are genetically DNA tested for & any debilitating, life threatening, congenital conditions, that will greatly shorten the life, cause death, or severely alter the quality of life of the puppy/dog. There must be sufficient laboratory analyses & testings from a licensed Veterinarian to support diagnosis & all reports sent to Seller. In the case of sudden death, a Necropsy must be performed, at Buyer's expense. Findings must identify the cause of death to be congenital. If cause of death can not be determined & diagnosis is inconclusive, Guarantee is void. Seller has the right to obtain a 2nd opinion from a licensed Veterinarian of choice. Option 1...Seller will cover charges pertaining specifically to the treatment of determined genetic condition up to the purchase price of described puppy ONLY, to the Veterinarian performing procedure. Seller DOES NOT require that described puppy be returned to Seller's possession at this time...Or Option 2...A replacement puppy will be given from the next available litter, Buyer's choice.

 Buyer is responsible for the daily maintenance & proper care of described puppy. Buyer must provide routine preventative health care on a timely scheduled manner, including monthly prevention of internal & external parasites, monthly heartworm prevention, annual Veterinarian check ups, maintain all vaccines current & UPTD & provide prompt medical attention when & if needed. Buyer agrees to feed puppy/dog only a high quality, premium food & to not to let the puppy/dog become overweight at any time.


 Health Guarantee does not include improper bites, descending testicles, hernias, parasites, kennel cough, hypoglycemia, Giardia, Coccidiosis or stress induced diarrhea, which are considered treatable & common ailments. Nor infections, viral or communicable diseases, if shown to not be pre-existing. Seller is not responsible for any accidents once described puppy is in Buyer's possession, including but not limited to poisoning or adverse reactions to vaccines or other preventative or precautionary medications. Seller is not responsible for any shipping fees, delivery charges, traveling or training fees, emotional value or any accumulated vet bills from Buyer.


 Seller can not guarantee the color, size, hair texture/coat type, shedding or any allergic reactions pertaining to the described puppy.

 The described puppy is being sold for Pet/Companion only, & is prohibited from being used for breeding purposes. Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the described puppy by 1 year of age & is required to send proof by receipt from Veterinarian. Failure will void Guarantee. You the Buyer agree that you are purchasing the puppy for you/family & not acting for someone else under false pretense. If Buyer is found to have bred said puppy/dog, legal action will be started & may result in the return of said puppy/dog to Seller, along with all monies made. ALL CROSS CREEK PUPPIES ARE SOLD WITH NO BREEDING RIGHTS, no exceptions!


 In the event Litigation should occur, all Contract disputes shall lie under the Jurisdiction of Rockingham County, NC.

 Both Buyer & Seller agree that this Contract represents the entire Agreement between them, & that no other agreements have been made pertaining to the described puppy.

 By signing below, Buyer understands that this Contract is legal binding & has read, fully understands, & agrees to all terms within.


Buyer signature ______________________________

date _____________

Seller signature ______________________________

date _____________

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